Rick Cucuzza

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   Born in the 1950's and raised in southern California  (Pomona/Claremont area) Rick grew up at a wonderful time in the history of the area. At 15 he began playing bass guitar and loved the powerful feel of amplified bass. Soon after that he switched to guitar, a much more expressive instrument. For 15 years he played guitar in the area with several local groups. As an optical technician he learned all facets of the trade as he worked enthusiastically for 7 years for various companies in the southland. Rick has also owned and operated his ever growing recording studio since 1972. About that time he became a certified scuba diver and enjoyed diving at the coast of the Pacific. A career change landed him in the electronic repair field. After working several years for 2 different companies, Rick opened Audionyx, his own business doing quality electronic repair.  In 1980 he found the instrument of his dreams, the Chapman Stick. He literally gave up guitar to woodshed this new technique of playing music. Married and 2 children later he escaped to the beautiful mountains of  Prescott, Arizona.  Arriving in the late 80's Rick has played in the area in original as well as cover bands for 29 years. He continued his business for many years until he got offered a job doing computers for B&W Electronics. After nine years in the trenches, in late 2005 Rick has taken that experience and re-opened Audionyx.  His main focus now is computers, building custom systems, repairing, upgrading and pretty much everything to do with computers. Rick has become a mountain biking and hiking enthusiast and for the last 10 years enjoys the trails in Prescott as often as possible.